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How to Choose a Lifetime Fitness Membership
How to Choose a Lifetime Fitness Membership

Life Time Fitness is a chain of health clubs that has locations in the United States and Canada. There are several different types of memberships available. Some of these include Diamond, Founders, Student-flex, and Family memberships. Each has its benefits and price structure. Choosing a membership is an important decision, and it is important to know all of your options before joining.

Founders membership

If you are looking for a great way to save money while exercising and staying fit, a Founders membership for lifetime fitness is the answer. The membership comes with several exclusive benefits. You will enjoy access to exclusive benefits from premier partners, including exclusive FoundersCard pricing and privileges. You’ll also enjoy access to premier brands like Adidas, John Varvatos, and Audi. You’ll also enjoy complimentary networking events held in major cities worldwide.

The Founders membership at Life Time Fitness offers discounts on various products and services. It also includes access to all LifeTime Fitness locations. Founders members can use Life Time Fitness locations to work out and participate in group workout programs. They’ll also receive complimentary water bottles and workout bags.

Diamond Membership

If you’re looking for a gym membership that offers a lot of benefits and a low price, consider purchasing a Lifetime Fitness Diamond membership. A diamond membership will give you access to all of the gym’s locations and amenities. Plus, you can get a free personal trainer session and a free guest pass. Boca Raton Lifetime Fitness also has online classes available to members.

The Lifetime Fitness Diamond Club in Frontenac is one example of a Lifetime Fitness location. It features industry-leading amenities, dedicated fitness studios, and a beautiful outdoor pool deck. Click on the photo to see what the facilities at Lifetime Frontenac have to offer.


Student-flex is a lifetime fitness program available to students. All you need to join the program is a student ID and you’ll have full access to one center for up to eight months a year. The program costs about $20 per month and is suitable for individuals between the ages of 12 and 26. There are several other membership plans, based on the level of access and additional features.

Throughout the curriculum, students will learn useful concepts related to physical fitness. They’ll learn about biomechanics and the importance of balance and range of motion in exercises. They’ll also gain a thorough understanding of different body systems and the importance of proper nutrition. The program will help students excel in sports and other activities by teaching them to develop their physical fitness levels.


The YMCA lifetime fitness membership has many advantages. Members can work out on their own or with a personal trainer and can also use a variety of apps to customize their workouts. The facility also offers a spa and sauna. Members can use these facilities for free or pay a nominal fee. Families and children under the age of eleven can use the facilities for free, but they should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The YMCA has more than 150 locations across the US and Canada. Life Time Fitness members may not be able to use all locations, but they may be able to visit others within a certain radius of their current club. For instance, some New York City clubs do not allow non-members to join. But, if you can’t get to another location for some reason, the YMCA has over 2,500 affiliates across the US.


The price for Equinox lifetime fitness memberships can be anywhere from $50 to $100 per month. However, the club is ideal for families since it offers affordable childcare and amazing outdoor pools. The company has 106 locations around the world. The clubs are mostly in large metropolitan areas, but some are expanding to smaller cities and suburbs.

The gym is well-equipped, with a spacious layout. Unfortunately, the locker rooms can get overcrowded. One Equinox location was overcrowded with 12 people in line to check their coats.



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